Harley Davidson Evolution 1390cc Three Wheeler





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During build - 1991   Completed - 1992


The vehicle features a 1390cc Harley Davidson Evolution engine.

For the first three years, power was transferred through a Moto-Guzzi gearbox, to a Moto-Guzzi bevel drive at the rear wheel.



  In 1995 I changed it to four wheels, swapping the gearbox to a Ford Escort unit and changing the rear axle to a "fixed" type axle.

I was also able to obtain and register the vehicle with a Cherished registration number.

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Four wheels - 1995




  There have been various changes since 1995:
  • Changed back to three wheels
  • Bespoke screen manufactured and fitted
  • Wider front wheels
  • Servo assisted brakes
  • Aftermarket high-performance carb and electronic ignition
  • Ford automatic gearbox!

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As at today - 2005



The only Harley engined three wheeler featuring an Automatic gearbox in the world?